POPIA Policy


Well, this is probably the 100th POPIA email you have received in the last few days, we’re sorry for adding to the list. But as good law-abiding corporate citizens it’s one of those emails we have to send. So please take a minute or two to read below.

We at Orbit Sports Manufacturers value, respect and are committed to honouring and
protecting your Personal Information which may be in our possession.

Changes have recently been made to the South Africa Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act). We are committed to comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2014 (also known as POPIA)

Orbit Sports Manufactures Privacy Policy describes our approach to privacy and our practice regarding why we collect your Personal Information, what information we are collecting, how we process and safeguard your Personal Information and how we may manage your personal information which may be in our possession.

Please visit our website www.orbitsports.co.za to read our Privacy Policy and see how we comply with The Protection of Personal Information Act. Should you have any further questions regarding this privacy notice or your personal information please direct any questions to sales2@orbitsports.co.za & admin@orbitsports.co.za.

The full act can be found here:
If, however you do not want to continue hearing from us, you can opt out by contacting us on the following email addresses sales2@orbitsports.co.za or admin@orbitsports.co.za.