More acceleration, lateral stability, thrust, unparalleled comfort, but also choose its configuration according to your position: Here are some of the advantages of the Profiler stud.

Fastening on most shoes with screwed studs, its clever and simple system of orientation will allow you to modulate your configuration at will.

Rugby Studs

Sturdy, performance-driven Rugby studs for quick and powerful plays. 

Soccer Studs

Reliable, world-class soccer studs for all shoe types, sizes, and brands.


Suitable for any type of field

Specially adapted to dry, semi-wet, wet, natural or stabilized fields thanks to its reduced contact surface, the Profiler stud enters the ground in depth. Its contact area offset from the axis allows, depending on its orientation, to modify the desired function of the stud: thrust, acceleration (stroke) or lateral and axial stability. Finally, its triangular shape allows a higher effective area (thrust) and increases your efficiency (power). Our advice is of course to test, during training or test sessions, the different configurations. Each player can have a different feeling. This equipment has passed the World Rugby tests and is in accordance with the rules of the game of football. Nevertheless, we advise you, because of the novelty, to present them on your initiative to the referee. If you want to use it in other sports, you will need to learn about the rules of approval.

The profiler is World Rugby Compliant and FFF Approved

SMARTPOWER, innovative brand in the field of sport launches a new stud (World Rugby compliant): the Profiler. Developed with the latest 3D printing technology, in collaboration with footballers and rugby players, this stud allows you to be more efficient, more comfortable and offers you different configurations depending on your position in the field. Based on a unique, screwed and aluminum stud, and thanks to its patented adjustment washers system, we offer you the possibility to steer the stud according to your sport, your field position and your preferences.