Tackling is 90% technique and 10% application. Develop tackling skills to improve defensive play. A successful tackle involves timing, technique (aim low – between the hip and knee) and correct body position (bend at the waist and the knees; arms raised around shoulder height). The tackling drills and videos on this page will help improve the players’ defending technique – with both junior and advanced players.


Perfect for line-out practice, judgement and timing. Use the target board to practice throwing the ball from various distances and heights, this is perfect for training exercises. The Target Hooker Board is being used by top local and international teams to improve their line-out work.


Designed to develop, promote and maintain perfect posture under pressure. It will develop an understanding of what the required body position looks and feels like when actively involved in many sports. The harness is the perfect training tool to develop players, enabling them to resist and manage the pressures of the collision areas.  The harness can also be used to develop speed and power, and also horizontal and rotational force.  The innovation behind the harness came from the need to develop a better scrummaging technique.


  • Powerbase Tennis Trainer is the ideal practice partner for improving your entire game. Builds quickness, hand-eye co-ordination and stamina.
  • Perfect trainer for practicing all of your strokes. 15 Foot Kinetic Cord stretches up to 30 feet


The aim is to improve hockey performance at all levels through a multi-dimensional and holistic approach. The academy provides a high-quality environment that sets a new standard in hockey training and tuition, enabling its participants to reach their full potential as players and coaches.