The TeXtreme Pro Padel Racket is a versatile and high-performance racket, perfect for players who want a well-rounded game

It is made with advanced TeXtreme carbon fiber material, which maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio of the racket

The Diamond shape, Spin Blade technology, and Smart Hole Curves provide excellent power and control, while the Octagonal Structure and Weight and Balance System offer reinforcement and customization options for an exceptional playing experience

Weight 360g /375g; Thickness 38mm

This TeXtreme Pro Padel Racket is made for a more all-round, versatile performance!

What is TeXtreme? It is an advanced, super thin carbon fibre material that maximises the strength-to-weight ratio of the racket

Spin Blade technology boosts the performance on every hit

Diamond shape to be more powerful, along with balance on the top of the racket

Grip – Synthetic material

Smart Hole Curves to help you to adapt to the needs of the game by giving you more control on the effect shots

Octagonal Structure offers reinforcement that provides rigidity to the racket

Weight 360g /375g; Thickness 38mm

Weight and Balance System to customise the racket for excellent effect shots