The FIRESTORM Padel Racket is a high-performance racket designed for serious players

With its fiberglass core and CorePtx Technology, Spin Blade technology, Diamond shape, and Smart Hole Curves, it offers excellent control and power

The synthetic grip and Octagonal Structure provide durability, while the Weight and Balance System allows for customization to achieve excellent effect shots

Weight 360g /375g; Thickness 38mm

The FIRESTORM Padel Racket offers a fiberglass core with CorePtx Technology

Spin Blade technology boosts the effects on every hit

Diamond shape to be more powerful, along with balance on the top of the racket

Grip – Synthetic material

Smart Hole Curves to help you to adapt to the needs of the game by giving you more control on the effect shots

Octagonal Structure offers reinforcement that provides rigidity to the racket

Weight 360g /375g; Thickness 38mm

Weight and Balance System to customise the racket for excellent effect shots