An all new and innovative stud design for your boots allowing for greater efficiency, comfort and the chance to configure the stud position for different positions and needs.

Power, support, strength: the Profiler has been designed to support the most daring tactics. Whatever your position, it will enable you and your team to conquer the pitch, leaving no room for mistakes.


Adapt your Profiler studs to suit your specific position on the field.

Specially designed for dry, damp, wet, natural or consolidated soil.  Due to its
reduced contact surface, the Profiler stud penetrates the ground deeper.

These studs are World Rugby compliant.

Developed with the latest 3D printing technologies, in collaboration with soccer
and rugby players, this stud allows for more efficiency and comfort, offering different
configurations depending on your position on the field. With this unique aluminum screwed
stud, and thanks to its patented washer system, we offer you the possibility to position
your stud according to your needs.

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 42 × 20 cm